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    Walking the Tightrope

      When teaching leaders about the need to become highly effective influencers, somebody inevitably asks me the following question:  “When does influence become manipulation”? It’s a fair and important question, because influence can easily lapse into manipulation, and any of us can quickly fall off that “tightrope” as we walk the fine line between the two. Let’s look at definitions…   read more »

    Top 5 Traits of Leadership Presence

    What does it mean to have a powerful presence as a leader? How do you know if you have it? Read on for the 5 top traits shown by those who are “the real deal” when it comes to leadership presence…     Download PDF:  Top 5 Traits of Leadership Presence_The Howells Group, Inc.

    Challenge Your Habits

      A few days ago I woke up. Gratefully, I do this every day. But that day , I found myself wide awake at 3:30am. Usually, I would groan, try to go back to sleep all the while bemoaning the fact I was awake so early. Instead, I got up quietly and went through my morning routine; including a nice…   read more »

    Three Practices to Fight the “Scarcity” Mindset

      Even though we live in the richest country in the world, having a ” scarcity mindset” is common. The root of scarcity is not facts –  it’s fear ; fear of “not having enough”,fear of  not being in control and of things we can’t control, fear of being needy and even a fear of having to rely on others….   read more »

    Career Accelerator #4 Traveling Partners

    Traveling Partners to Accelerate Your Career So much of our American culture makes me proud; the pure grit, inventiveness and  desire ( though not yet fully realized ) to allow every individual to flourish. But when it comes to our careers, rugged individualism is a myth. When I look at my journey, it’s so clear that I stand on the…   read more »

    A Dream Achieved

    “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark”.  – Michelangelo Nearly a month ago I graduated; at 58 I walked across the stage at commencement and received my Masters Degree. It was a dream I wasn’t sure I could ever…   read more »

    Career Accelerator #1 Create Your Compass

    “Even today, remarkably few Americans are prepared to select jobs for themselves. When you ask, “Do you know what you are good at? Do you know your strengths?” Most people look at you with a blank stare. Or they often respond in terms of subject knowledge, which is fundamentally the wrong answer”. – Peter Drucker It’s easy to get disoriented…   read more »

    Introducing a new Blog Series; Navigating Your Career

    “Today’s workforce is fluid, flexible, disposable. You are on your own. Workers will constantly have to sell their skills, invent new relationships with employers who must change and adapt constantly in order to survive in a ruthless global market.” – Lance Morrow Welcome to the new reality….the reality that you and only you can navigate your career. Security is a…   read more »

    Your Wild and Precious Life

    AUGUST 10, 2013 AMERICAN AIRLINES FROM DALLAS FT. WORTH TO PDX SEAT 21E I had not planned for this part. Leaving the driveway of her home was unexpectedly hard. It felt so final; somehow even more final than leaving the church after the funeral. Jenni wasn’t coming back. I would not see her again until I joined her in heaven….   read more »

    Got Balance? Lessons from a Cancer Study

    “Life is like riding a bicycle. Keeping your balance requires  that  you focus ahead and remember to keep moving.” As a cancer survivor part of the journey is the opportunity to experience things you’d never otherwise know about. Some are enriching, and some are just hard, and in my journey some of the hard stuff becomes enriching. This summer, I was invited to…   read more »