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    9 Non-Obvious Ways to Have Deeper Conversations

    The holiday season is fully upon us. But this year, with indoor gatherings and general festivities severely limited we’re offered a new opportunity. Why not focus on deeper and more authentic conversations that smaller groups afford? WIthout all the hustle and distractions, it’s the perfect situation to intentionally go beyond surface conversation. With 2020 almost in the rear view mirror, we all have lots of…   read more »

    How Leadership Identity Holds You Steady in Change

    It’s hard to find the perfect metaphor for 2020, but most of us easily relate to feeling slammed by multiple waves of COVID 19. I’m not a sailor, but I”ll never forget the lesson learned while sailing in Vancouver B.C. Our six and eight year old were with us in a small sailboat skippered by a young man who couldn’t have been…   read more »

    Choosing Transformation | Post -Traumatic Growth in Turbulent Times

    Most of us have never looked so forward to turning the page to a new year as we have in this year of continual disruption. This year will end; but the important question for us all is: “Will our choice be simply to recover- or – make the harder, but better choice to actually be transformed by the 2020 experience?”…   read more »

    ACCELERATE 2021 for PDX Tech

      REGISTER NOW!  Questions about the program? Schedule a direct call with Karen below to learn how you or your company might get involved in this highly customized development experience for managers in technology.   What participants are saying:  “I appreciated this course very much. I would recommend it wholeheartedly. I love learning and re-learning and being lifted up by…   read more »

    Critical Conversations Series

    Amy   |   3.30.20 10:00AM PDT   |   Amy’s Recorded Webinar – YouTube Karrine   |   3.30.20 1:00PM PDT   |   Karrine’s Recorded Webinar – YouTube Kelly   |   3.31.20 1:00PM PDT   |   Kelly’s Recorded Webinar – YouTube James   |   3.31.20 2:00PM PDT   |  James Recorded Webinar – YouTube Karen   |   4.1.20 2:00PM PDT  …   read more »

    Don’t Give Up! 5 Steps to Recharge Your Resolutions!

    You probably aren’t surprised to know that most new year’s resolutions don’t last even one month. The second Friday in January is the fateful day when most resolutions dissolve. That’s right,  hardly a two-week shelf life for most goals. So instead of giving up, resolve to ‘recharge’ your 2020 resolutions with the following five steps: 1. Reduce the number of your…   read more »


    When the unrelenting flood of harassment revelations broke loose last October, I felt horror, disgust, and disbelief at the extent of the abuse and criminal acts. Then, I felt that hot, white anger grip me, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it all. What would my response be? How could I make a difference? And I started to…   read more »

    5 Essential Steps to Become a High Hope Leader

    On August 5th, 2010, 33 Chilean miners were trapped 2,300 feet underground when their mine collapsed. The falling rock that blocked their escape was as big as the Empire State building. Chances of survival seemed highly improbable. Sophisticated equipment, skilled operators and a lot of luck were critical for even a dim chance of escape. Thankfully leaders emerged above and below…   read more »

    Use Focus & Flexibility to Reach Your Goals

     It’s that time again; time for resolutions, recommitments and gym memberships. Setting intention is good and certainly needed. But honestly, most years I over plan and under deliver. This is because more is not better and is often the enemy of achieving your most important priorities. Dorie Clark, author and coach, notes in her recent HBR article that setting too…   read more »


    Summertime holds it’s own special magic, especially when you’re lucky enough to have friends with a backyard boasting an old quarry filled with a very deep, clean lake. Long evenings gathered around the fire pit with a swarm of kids in and out of the lake; it’s like a summer camp for all ages. This year, a homemade masterpiece had…   read more »