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    Career Accelerator #2 Making a Map

    In my last post I shared the crucial need for each of us to have our own personal compass to navigate the terrain of a career transitions. Our personal values and strengths form a reliable compass which helps us to make the trek successfully. But finding your ideal career fit also requires an updated “map” that defines the terrain. Today’s…   read more »

    Career Accelerator #1 Create Your Compass

    “Even today, remarkably few Americans are prepared to select jobs for themselves. When you ask, “Do you know what you are good at? Do you know your strengths?” Most people look at you with a blank stare. Or they often respond in terms of subject knowledge, which is fundamentally the wrong answer”. – Peter Drucker It’s easy to get disoriented…   read more »

    Deconstruct to Reconstruct

            Last Friday four muscular young guys arrived at our house and started in; it was finally time to re-roof. After years of patching and economizing we really needed to do it. So, they started in with fervor as they ripped off the 22 year old shakes and took it down to the framing and insulation. The house looked startlingly naked….   read more »

    Reawakening Your Passion for Work

    Need to reawaken your passion for your work or life in general? Need a nudge to face the truth that your work or life isn’t really ‘working’? After reading this article, no matter where you are at in life and in work, try and answer these three questions for yourself; 1.  Am I feeling trapped, “stuck” or bored in my…   read more »

    Your Wild and Precious Life

    AUGUST 10, 2013 AMERICAN AIRLINES FROM DALLAS FT. WORTH TO PDX SEAT 21E I had not planned for this part. Leaving the driveway of her home was unexpectedly hard. It felt so final; somehow even more final than leaving the church after the funeral. Jenni wasn’t coming back. I would not see her again until I joined her in heaven….   read more »

    Disneyland and the Value of Customer Experience

    After a wedding in Malibu a few weeks ago, we headed to “the happiest place on earth” with our now grown family and new son-in-law. This photo of us on Space Mountain reveals just how fully immersed we were in the experience and how much fun we were all having! As we enjoyed the rides, shops, parade, lightshow and 4th…   read more »

    Coaching and the Brain

    Coaching seems to be all the rage. There are coaching courses, degrees and institutes. You can find a coach for relationships, health, spiritual development and even organic gardening. Though coaching may seem like yet another fad, I’m convinced it is here to stay. Why? Well, not just because I myself am a coach for leaders and teams and have had the joy of seeing amazing results in people’s work and…   read more »

    Ignite Your Career & Advance Your Leadership

    You probably have heard of the well known COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, who recently released her new book “Lean In”. Her perspective resonated powerfully with professional women; so powerfully that it was #1 in Amazon sales the first day it was released. Sandberg  urges women to stop holding themselves back at work but  to “lean in” with confidence and to…   read more »

    The Power of Support in Growing Leadership

      Today was a good day. Actually; a very good day…one of those days when you get in your car after a long awaited meeting finally takes place and you are more than pleased with the results. (As anyone knows who is reading this; those days can be few and far between!) After six months of planning, enrolling and communicating,…   read more »

    Are you Cultivating Growth?

    cul·ti·vate To nurture; foster ; to promote  growth It’s time – finally – the glorious time for gardening in the Pacific NW! After months of anticipation, we got appropriately muddy and sweaty digging, fertilizing and planting seeds in our garden several weekends ago. We were almost giddy as we tucked tiny seeds of vegetables soon to be birthed in the…   read more »