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    How Leadership Identity Holds You Steady in Change

    It’s hard to find the perfect metaphor for 2020, but most of us easily relate to feeling slammed by multiple waves of COVID 19. I’m not a sailor, but I”ll never forget the lesson learned while sailing in Vancouver B.C. Our six and eight year old were with us in a small sailboat skippered by a young man who couldn’t have been…   read more »

    ‘Fast Forward’ Your Success with a Coach: 5 Essential Questions to Find a Fit!

    To succeed in work and life, it’s often assumed that talent, drive and a few lucky breaks can be enough to move you closer to your goals. After all, don’t smart people succeed by “figuring things out”? By working harder than everyone else?  By finding the proverbial “hand up” from supportive mentors? The answer is yes – AND… People determined…   read more »

    4 Essential People You Need on Your Team

    So far, my inbox in this new year includes a deluge of promises and special offers, including creative ways to tackle to-do lists, make more money, and achieve all of my dreams. Many offer pretty solid advice. But there’s been something missing as I’ve scanned the deluge of incoming pitches, it’s easy to start believing it’s all up to you. That ever-present myth that all…   read more »

    Is Your “Winning Strategy” Still Winning?

    As professional coaches, it’s both a privilege and a challenge to coach high performing leaders. But a common pitfall we regularly observe is all too common; the very mindsets and behaviors that propel leaders towards high achievement in one role can become a significant barrier in the way of continued success. Consider Chris. Three years in a row she was…   read more »


      The Italians have such a beautiful way with language. If two Italians were walking on one side of the road and saw something appealing on the other side one would say “attraversiamo” which literally means “let’s cross over”. It is a very lyrical way to speak of movement or transition and the symbolism is as powerful as the word is…   read more »

    Walking the Tightrope

      When teaching leaders about the need to become highly effective influencers, somebody inevitably asks me the following question:  “When does influence become manipulation”? It’s a fair and important question, because influence can easily lapse into manipulation, and any of us can quickly fall off that “tightrope” as we walk the fine line between the two. Let’s look at definitions…   read more »

    4 Tips for Powerful Presentations

    Looking to polish your presentation skills?  Check out these 4  simple strategies you can apply immediately to be more powerful and effective in any setting!

    Career Accelerator #4 Traveling Partners

    Traveling Partners to Accelerate Your Career So much of our American culture makes me proud; the pure grit, inventiveness and  desire ( though not yet fully realized ) to allow every individual to flourish. But when it comes to our careers, rugged individualism is a myth. When I look at my journey, it’s so clear that I stand on the…   read more »

    Career Accelerator #2 Making a Map

      In my last post I shared the crucial need for each of us to have our own personal compass to navigate the terrain of a career transitions. Our personal values and strengths form a reliable compass which helps us to make the trek successfully. But finding your ideal career fit also requires an updated “map” that defines the terrain….   read more »

    A Call to Savor

    Sharing my Christmas experiment I hope to extend to all of 2014…… One of my favorite communicators, Mike Roth, gave me a gift this Christmas season. It’s a gift that I’m holding onto; longing to have it shape all of my new year about to begin. Mike skillfully revealed our human tendency throughout centuries to grasp for more; more time, more money,…   read more »