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    The Magic of Mentoring; A Gift that Keeps on Giving

          I love giving gifts and it’s always a challenge this time of year to exercise self control so I don’t “overbuy”! But even as much fun as it is to select, purchase and wrap a gift with a special someone in mind, I know intangible gifts are the most lasting and valuable; unlike sweaters that quickly go…   read more »

    Lessons Learned: Lehman Bros or Lincoln?

    Powell’s Books always weaves it’s magic for me as the world’s largest independent bookstore… especially when I leave with a book I didn’t come into buy. It’s the ultimate treasure hunt. I’d heard lots of buzz about the book and movie “Too Big to Fail” so I grabbed a copy and cracked it open last week in between required textbooks for…   read more »


    “We always have enough to be happy if we are enjoying what we do have – instead of worrying about what we don’t have”. – Dennis Waitley Thankfulness… what if it was a habit and not a holiday? I’m asking myself that today after watching this joyful clip. Sing, dance and celebrate ALL the gifts you have tomorrow. I’d love…   read more »

    Finding Courage to Lead and Live Well

    Leading well requires many things from flawed human beings. On the long and daunting list of needed skills and characteristics, I’m convinced that courage is near the top. Courage to be yourself. Courage to speak your truth. The courage to act correctly, especially when you know it may not make others happy. Courage to confront mediocre, bad behavior; including your…   read more »

    Small Steps to Bigger Changes

    “Every change starts in a small step.”  –Ron Stolero Every week my session with my coach makes me grateful I have one; especially in this season of transition.  As part of the master’s degree in leadership and coaching I’m pursuing, it was strongly encouraged and it’s required to get my ICF certification (International Coaching Federation), which is also part of…   read more »

    Recalibrating Your Values

    As a visual learner and processor, I take in the world, ideas, words and impressions primarily through my eyes. So when I sat down on a sunny Sunday morning and saw this original weaving above the altar at Pearl Church, I knew it was symbolic. My friend Lisa Dare’s weaving depicts ( or at least my interpretation of it )…   read more »

    Digging Deeper to Move Ahead

    You know when you are experiencing a certain something and everywhere you look you see it? Whether you’re looking to buy a red car, find a new job, or you’re having a baby- everywhere you look you see it happening! It’s because, of course, we all see life through the lens of whatever we’re experiencing. Everywhere I look I see…   read more »