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    Strengthening the golden cord

    It’s 9pm on a Friday night and the only lights I can see in the Nashville, Tennessee sky are the words on the backlit sign “Sarah Cannon Cancer Center”. I’m here for my childhood friend of 50 years as she battles the word most of us still quietly fear. We thought we’d be cozied up in her Birmingham, Alabama home…   read more »

    Setting Intentions and Singing Dogs

    Saturday during the Memorial Weekend we finally made good on a Christmas present for a very special family member. My husband, his sister Laura and I headed to Hood River for an adventure in wine country. All week I kept thinking “I need to plan this outing so we know what we’re doing” – but alas, Saturday quickly arrived and…   read more »

    Are you Cultivating Growth?

    cul·ti·vate To nurture; foster ; to promote  growth It’s time – finally – the glorious time for gardening in the Pacific NW! After months of anticipation, we got appropriately muddy and sweaty digging, fertilizing and planting seeds in our garden several weekends ago. We were almost giddy as we tucked tiny seeds of vegetables soon to be birthed in the…   read more »

    Leverage and Lead with Your Gifts

    As a leader, do you fully recognize and own your gifts? How can you leverage what you’re best at if you don’t really know what that it? Some of the best gifts and insights emerge in day- to -day conversation with our colleagues. At a recent leadership session, we were talking about confidence. One woman shared that she had learned…   read more »

    Finding Sanity in Simplicity

    Ever wonder if it’s just you? Why oh why does life feel so complex at times? A recent article in the Wall Street Journal offered me some perspective that I’m not alone and that there are many reasons for the crush of complexity. One root cause is the “overwhelm of choice”; 800,000 apps for your phone, thousands of breakfast cereal…   read more »

    What State Are You Cultivating?

    “I would like to achieve a state of inner spiritual grace from which I could function and give as I was meant to in the eyes of God.”  ― Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea It’s spring in Oregon; at least pretending to be. During the PNW winter; I always wish for spring. (You would too after it’s rained since October – at…   read more »

    Forty Day Worry Detox

    As part of my spiritual practice I now observe Lent. It is the period of time from Ash Wednesday to Easter;  a season to look inside, to simplify and to consider the internal state of your heart and soul before God . This year I decided to forgo drinking wine. Though I enjoy wine as a social and mealtime ritual,…   read more »

    Practicing Patience in A Hurry Up World

    There’s something about airports that reveal my “growth opportunies”. Last week flying home from Wyoming would’ve been funny if I hadn’t been so frustrated. I’d been away from home for a week and you know how it feels; it is past time to be home and more than anything you just want to get there. First my flight was delayed,…   read more »

    DEAN House Concert Tonight!

    Enjoy this gorgeous imagery from the Howells family archives set to original music by the band DEAN, led by Luke and Rachael (Howells) Price. “The Whitest Dove” is haunting and lovely. DEAN will be playing a house concert tonight, Saturday 1.26 at 6:30pm in SE Portland. RSVP to for details and information!

    Looking Back to Live Forward

      “Life is best lived looking forward but best understood looking back”. – Soren Kierkegaard Such a true and appropriate quote as we begin a fresh new year… Living with intention requires that we carry last year’s insights into the year. So here’s what 2012 taught me… what about you? What were your lessons learned that you’ll carry forward to create…   read more »