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    Choosing Transformation | Post -Traumatic Growth in Turbulent Times

    Most of us have never looked so forward to turning the page to a new year as we have in this year of continual disruption. This year will end; but the important question for us all is: “Will our choice be simply to recover- or – make the harder, but better choice to actually be transformed by the 2020 experience?”…   read more »


      The Italians have such a beautiful way with language. If two Italians were walking on one side of the road and saw something appealing on the other side one would say “attraversiamo” which literally means “let’s cross over”. It is a very lyrical way to speak of movement or transition and the symbolism is as powerful as the word is…   read more »

    Join me October 2nd for a great cause!

    I’m truly excited to extend a personal invitation to have you join me in becoming part of Women Who Lead for Women in Need.  Our passion is to make a significant difference in the lives of homeless women and their children! Homelessness for women and children is a critical issue in our Portland Metropolitan area. Homelessness among women, who are often mothers, has risen 22%…   read more »

    Three Practices to Fight the “Scarcity” Mindset

      Even though we live in the richest country in the world, having a ” scarcity mindset” is common. The root of scarcity is not facts –  it’s fear ; fear of “not having enough”,fear of  not being in control and of things we can’t control, fear of being needy and even a fear of having to rely on others….   read more »

    A Dream Achieved

    “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark”.  – Michelangelo Nearly a month ago I graduated; at 58 I walked across the stage at commencement and received my Masters Degree. It was a dream I wasn’t sure I could ever…   read more »

    A Call to Savor

    Sharing my Christmas experiment I hope to extend to all of 2014…… One of my favorite communicators, Mike Roth, gave me a gift this Christmas season. It’s a gift that I’m holding onto; longing to have it shape all of my new year about to begin. Mike skillfully revealed our human tendency throughout centuries to grasp for more; more time, more money,…   read more »

    Gratitude Lenses

    It’s often said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. I have to confess that all too often my eyes are clouded, robbing my soul of much needed light. Daily challenges, less than welcome surprises and disappointments quickly become the focus –and cloud my ability to truly see. In an attempt to “see” more clearly, my husband Rob…   read more »

    Reawakening Your Passion for Work

    Need to reawaken your passion for your work or life in general? Need a nudge to face the truth that your work or life isn’t really ‘working’? After reading this article, no matter where you are at in life and in work, try and answer these three questions for yourself; 1.  Am I feeling trapped, “stuck” or bored in my…   read more »

    Your Wild and Precious Life

    AUGUST 10, 2013 AMERICAN AIRLINES FROM DALLAS FT. WORTH TO PDX SEAT 21E I had not planned for this part. Leaving the driveway of her home was unexpectedly hard. It felt so final; somehow even more final than leaving the church after the funeral. Jenni wasn’t coming back. I would not see her again until I joined her in heaven….   read more »

    Disneyland and the Value of Customer Experience

    After a wedding in Malibu a few weeks ago, we headed to “the happiest place on earth” with our now grown family and new son-in-law. This photo of us on Space Mountain reveals just how fully immersed we were in the experience and how much fun we were all having! As we enjoyed the rides, shops, parade, lightshow and 4th…   read more »