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    Ignite Your Career & Advance Your Leadership

    You probably have heard of the well known COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, who recently released her new book “Lean In”. Her perspective resonated powerfully with professional women; so powerfully that it was #1 in Amazon sales the first day it was released. Sandberg  urges women to stop holding themselves back at work but  to “lean in” with confidence and to…   read more »

    Leverage and Lead with Your Gifts

    As a leader, do you fully recognize and own your gifts? How can you leverage what you’re best at if you don’t really know what that it? Some of the best gifts and insights emerge in day- to -day conversation with our colleagues. At a recent leadership session, we were talking about confidence. One woman shared that she had learned…   read more »

    Leading Through Powerful Questions

    As managers and leaders, we often feel we are paid primarily for “answers” to help solve the many challenges that surround us. At times, this is true, but is only part of the success equation.  Learning to ask penetrating and insightful questions from a genuinely open and curious mindset is a powerful leadership skill.  With most employees and customers “flying…   read more »