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    The Power of Support in Growing Leadership

      Today was a good day. Actually; a very good day…one of those days when you get in your car after a long awaited meeting finally takes place and you are more than pleased with the results. (As anyone knows who is reading this; those days can be few and far between!) After six months of planning, enrolling and communicating,…   read more »

    Leading Through Powerful Questions

    As managers and leaders, we often feel we are paid primarily for “answers” to help solve the many challenges that surround us. At times, this is true, but is only part of the success equation.  Learning to ask penetrating and insightful questions from a genuinely open and curious mindset is a powerful leadership skill.  With most employees and customers “flying…   read more »

    Yearning for Wisdom

         What’s the most valuable trait for leaders today? Many would probably say intellect, or some might advocate for emotional intelligence; others might cite the need for a deep and wide network of contacts, educational background or pedigree. I would agree with others that courage is pretty high on the list , especially as it appears to be in…   read more »