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Adopting a Toddler Mentality

  Showing up as a “finished product” is a pressure we all experience. As a coach and consultant, I hear it from all kinds of people in all kinds of work and life situations. And I experience it myself; trying to avoid looking “slow”, “out of touch” or “uncool”. Yet isn’t it ironic that expending so much energy to appear fully competent in everything is actually…   read more »


  The Italians have such a beautiful way with language. If two Italians were walking on one side of the road and saw something appealing on the other side one would say “attraversiamo” which literally means “let’s cross over”. It is a very lyrical way to speak of movement or transition and the symbolism is as powerful as the word is…   read more »

What Has To Change?

“The more I push, the more they complain.” I could hear my client’s frustration, he said almost giving up, “The angrier I get, the less I see in my team.” You know what’s ironic? The change we want for others, has to start with us. People around you are going to keep doing what they’ve been doing or not doing,…   read more »

The Need to Breathe

My last blog posed the question as 2015 began – “How will you flourish”?  We all have individualized approaches that help us live vibrantly and authentically. And, there are some truths that are universal.  So let’s start with one that’s crucial; breathing.  No, I’m not talking about breathing physically –  I’m talking about a different kind of oxygen –breathing for our souls. A story…   read more »

May You Flourish

What are you asking yourself as a fresh new year is about to make an appearance? What hopes, resolutions or aspirations are tucked deep in your heart that long to see the light of day? Mine are summed up in 1 heartfelt question; “how can I flourish in 2015 and help others do the same?” Flourish is a word that…   read more »

Happy Thanksgiving

Gathered with family at the blustery Oregon coast on Thanksgiving day, my heart is full. As I watch the ocean churn, savor the smells and laughter in the kitchen, it’s easy to feel grateful. But gratitude is a practice more than an inherited trait. And the benefits are plentiful. So I send my gratitude out to God, family and friends…   read more »

Walking the Tightrope

  When teaching leaders about the need to become highly effective influencers, somebody inevitably asks me the following question:  “When does influence become manipulation”? It’s a fair and important question, because influence can easily lapse into manipulation, and any of us can quickly fall off that “tightrope” as we walk the fine line between the two. Let’s look at definitions…   read more »

Join me October 2nd for a great cause!

I’m truly excited to extend a personal invitation to have you join me in becoming part of Women Who Lead for Women in Need.  Our passion is to make a significant difference in the lives of homeless women and their children! Homelessness for women and children is a critical issue in our Portland Metropolitan area. Homelessness among women, who are often mothers, has risen 22%…   read more »

Top 5 Traits of Leadership Presence

What does it mean to have a powerful presence as a leader? How do you know if you have it? Read on for the 5 top traits shown by those who are “the real deal” when it comes to leadership presence…     Download PDF:  Top 5 Traits of Leadership Presence_The Howells Group, Inc.

Challenge Your Habits

  A few days ago I woke up. Gratefully, I do this every day. But that day , I found myself wide awake at 3:30am. Usually, I would groan, try to go back to sleep all the while bemoaning the fact I was awake so early. Instead, I got up quietly and went through my morning routine; including a nice…   read more »