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Interview with Amber Simonsen One woman’s story on How to Take Your Bold Move. Listen to Karen’s brief interview with professional, business builder and mom, Amber Simonsen and take away some great tips to apply!

Play Will Help You Thrive

By Karen Howells Why play? With your inbox full and your to-do list multiplying, applying the counterintuitive act of playing more can be your best productivity hack. I’ll never forget one conversation on our first trip to Italy. After introductions and some small talk, our new friend paused and said, “May I ask you both a question… Why is it…   read more »

Master the “Quick Flex” Step

By Karen Howells As a first born daughter, Myers Briggs “J” type, and a business owner, I’ll admit I like knowing what to expect. But we’ve all experienced that today’s environment requires leaders to master the step of the “quick flex”: quickly letting go of expectations to thrive. Here’s how: 1. Be in the Moment  This advice is true in both…   read more »

Become a Beginner Again

  Let’s face it; it’s awkward to learn a new dance step. No matter what the context. As 2022 was ending, I finally got back to the gym. The new trainer encouraged me to try the “Full Fitness” class addressing cardio, strength, and balance. My goal was to return to and then exceed my previous level of fitness, plus avoid…   read more »

“Stayin’ Alive?” Move Beyond Surviving to Thriving

I admit it… I lived through the days of disco. Clingy outfits, John Travolta moves, and more than enough alcohol. The Bee Gees’ famous song was the anthem played at nearly every gathering. But simply “stayin’ alive” for today’s leaders isn’t enough. Our series of blogs and posts over the next few months will explore how leaders in our disrupted world…   read more »

9 Non-Obvious Ways to Have Deeper Conversations

The holiday season is fully upon us. But this year, with indoor gatherings and general festivities severely limited we’re offered a new opportunity. Why not focus on deeper and more authentic conversations that smaller groups afford? WIthout all the hustle and distractions, it’s the perfect situation to intentionally go beyond surface conversation. With 2020 almost in the rear view mirror, we all have lots of…   read more »

How Leadership Identity Holds You Steady in Change

It’s hard to find the perfect metaphor for 2020, but most of us easily relate to feeling slammed by multiple waves of COVID 19. I’m not a sailor, but I”ll never forget the lesson learned while sailing in Vancouver B.C. Our six and eight year old were with us in a small sailboat skippered by a young man who couldn’t have been…   read more »

Choosing Transformation | Post -Traumatic Growth in Turbulent Times

Most of us have never looked so forward to turning the page to a new year as we have in this year of continual disruption. This year will end; but the important question for us all is: “Will our choice be simply to recover- or – make the harder, but better choice to actually be transformed by the 2020 experience?”…   read more »

ACCELERATE 2021 for PDX Tech

  REGISTER NOW!  Questions about the program? Schedule a direct call with Karen below to learn how you or your company might get involved in this highly customized development experience for managers in technology.   What participants are saying:  “I appreciated this course very much. I would recommend it wholeheartedly. I love learning and re-learning and being lifted up by…   read more »

Critical Conversations Series

Amy   |   3.30.20 10:00AM PDT   |   Amy’s Recorded Webinar – YouTube Karrine   |   3.30.20 1:00PM PDT   |   Karrine’s Recorded Webinar – YouTube Kelly   |   3.31.20 1:00PM PDT   |   Kelly’s Recorded Webinar – YouTube James   |   3.31.20 2:00PM PDT   |  James Recorded Webinar – YouTube Karen   |   4.1.20 2:00PM PDT  …   read more »