Helping people & organizations flourish

Our Mission  is to help people and organizations flourish. You can feel it and see it when people and companies are flourishing – and when they aren’t. Walk into a workplace, sit down in a meeting or join a   conversation and it’s obvious when energy and full engagement is present.  When people, possibilities, products, and ideas flourish; growth follows. We can show you how to create that level of performance with your team and in your organization.

Our Philosophy  Business is personal: it’s all about honest relationships. We understand that trusted experienced counsel is hard to find when you are facing big obstacles as a leader.  When leaders need counsel in difficult business situations, we balance supportive and challenging coaching to ensure you succeed.  When new approaches are essential for growth – we work with you to create breakthrough ideas. At The Howells Group, it’s all about partnership and designing highly customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Our Story  Every business starts with a story. And every story includes someone launching out to follow their unique aspirations. The Howells Group is no different. Founded by Karen Howells in 1989 after a successful career in media, sales and organization development, Karen deeply desired to help other’s work more effectively and successfully. 

After the birth of her second child, inspired by her vision and the needs around her, The Howells Group launched with $187.50 and thirty years later, has served thousands of people in small and large organizations across a wide range of businesses. But the core values remain:


  • Be in the service to the client, not your ego

  • Do the right thing – especially when it’s hard

  • Speak the truth in a way people can hear you

  • Work relentlessly towards a creative solution, no matter how complex the problem

  • Help people and organizations move forward by respecting where they are

As a team of experienced coaches and consultants, we continually work from proven principles, offering new tools and creative approaches- but the heart of our work is revealed by the questions as we ask: “How can we help you?” “What do you need?” How can we get you from “here to there”? What will help you, your business, your customers, and your people “flourish”?