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Monthly Archives: April 2023

Play Will Help You Thrive

By Karen Howells Why play? With your inbox full and your to-do list multiplying, applying the counterintuitive act of playing more can be your best productivity hack. I’ll never forget one conversation on our first trip to Italy. After introductions and some small talk, our new friend paused and said, “May I ask you both a question… Why is it…   read more »

Master the “Quick Flex” Step

By Karen Howells As a first born daughter, Myers Briggs “J” type, and a business owner, I’ll admit I like knowing what to expect. But we’ve all experienced that today’s environment requires leaders to master the step of the “quick flex”: quickly letting go of expectations to thrive. Here’s how: 1. Be in the Moment  This advice is true in both…   read more »