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‘Fast Forward’ Your Success with a Coach: 5 Essential Questions to Find a Fit!

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To succeed in work and life, it’s often assumed that talent, drive and a few lucky breaks can be enough to move you closer to your goals. After all, don’t smart people succeed by “figuring things out”? By working harder than everyone else?  By finding the proverbial “hand up” from supportive mentors? The answer is yes – AND…

People determined to perform at their best know an extra edge can make the difference; and a professional coach can provide just that. Top performers in both the arts and athletics are perfect examples.  Having a qualified, experienced coach is part of being “a champion” and offers a distinct advantage.


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Earlier in 2018, instead of giving professional coaching to leaders, I was the receiver of good coaching. I sampled the Orange Theory Workout. The program offers a full body workout that changes daily, a motivating coach who helps you and a small group exercise effectively, and a personal heart monitor enables you to visually track your workout on a screen. Coaches help make personal modifications if you have special challenges.  I’ve observed these Orange Theory professionals coach the best out of a wide range of body types, ages, and challenges. The overlap between my coaching with leaders in business and their approach was obvious – and inspiring!

The UK Coaching National strategy describes the role of the sports coach as one that “enables an athlete to achieve levels of performance to a degree that may not have been possible if left to his/her own endeavors.” The same is true for a coach in the business environment.

An excellent coach will:

  • Help reveal mindsets or habits blocking improved performance
  • Ask powerful questions to identify the “roots” of ineffective behaviors
  • Provide a safe environment to honestly analyze performance scenarios
  • Identify “invisible” strengths that you need to leverage for success
  • Pinpoint gaps, offering new tools and skills to close them
  • Provide needed challenge to boost your performance

To find the right coach for you as a leader, request a 30- minute interview to make sure it’s a fit. Here are five important questions you’ll want to ask after an interview:

  1. Does this coach have recognized credentials and experience that will match my needs?
  2. Istheir background and focus aligned with my specific context and coaching goals?
  3. Did the interview feel like an actual coaching session – or more like a sales job?
  4. Did the coach listen skillfully… and listen more than they talked?
  5. Did you feel “good chemistry” between you and the coach? Was there an ease in the conversation and the ability to “connect” relationally?

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