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4 Essential People You Need on Your Team

Who You Need on Your Team

So far, my inbox in this new year includes a deluge of promises and special offers, including creative ways to tackle to-do lists, make more money, and achieve all of my dreams. Many offer pretty solid advice. But there’s been something missing as I’ve scanned the deluge of incoming pitches, it’s easy to start believing it’s all up to you. That ever-present myth that all truly successful do it on their own. But 4 decades of experience in the workplace doesn’t buy it. A successful and satisfying life is more than a solo performance.

Here’s the people you need on your team to reach your goals and realize your true potential:

1. The Mentor

This person has been there and done what you aspire to. They have traveled the road and are just a little ahead on the journey. They have insight to offer from being there. Whether it’s industry-specific, a similar role –  or a little bit of both,  advice from a person who has been there is priceless.

2.  The Cheerleader

Setting goals always invites resistance, whether it’s breaking through old habits, mindsets or distractors who aren’t on board. You need a cheerleader who’ll lift you and your perspective up above the circumstances. Especially when inevitable speed bumps and curves show up. Cheerleaders point out the positive when you’re overwhelmed with the negative. Difficulties don’t faze them; these invaluable folks view difficulties as just another opportunity to rise above. Their positivity and belief in you can make the difference to keep you moving forward and help you get unstuck.

3. The Challenger

Not all our ideas are good ideas. It’s easy to fall blindly in love with them. We need someone who’ll tell us when their bad, or at the least, risky. Everyone has blind spots, bad habits and learning curves. Having a challenger on your team helps you avoid stupid mistakes, over commitment and diffused vision. They ask the questions and give the feedback when others hesitate.

4. The Coach

Some are lucky enough to have a manager with coaching skills, or even a friend or family member. But most of us have to go out a find someone who is totally committed to our success, willing to invest themselves with no ego involved and skilled in drawing out our very own knowledge, insight and greatness. I was extremely blessed to have several of these folks along my journey. It made a difference as I progressed professionally, began coaching others and became certified as a coach – and it continues to be essential.

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And here’s to a year that is truly amazing!

Karen Howells
Managing Partner and Owner
The Howells Group, Inc.

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