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Is Your “Winning Strategy” Still Winning?


As professional coaches, it’s both a privilege and a challenge to coach high performing leaders. But a common pitfall we regularly observe is all too common; the very mindsets and behaviors that propel leaders towards high achievement in one role can become a significant barrier in the way of continued success.

Consider Chris. Three years in a row she was the top salesperson in her region in all product categories. Her relentless drive, hyper organization and creative sales strategies seemed unbeatable. When her sales manager abruptly resigned and she was promoted to his job, everything changed and not for the better; the behaviors that previously made her successful now actually contribute to her impatience as a boss and create frustration as she attempts to coach her team.

And then there is Alex, an exceptional engineer with rare technical skill, who manages an R & D team on a highly strategic project. After several project wins, Alex was promoted to lead a much larger department and to be a manager of other managers. His previous approach of “rolling up his sleeves” and working alongside other skilled professionals with a hyper focus on the details was quickly failing him as a leader with his new team. Instead, he needs to shift to a new “winning strategy”. His new role now required the opposite of his former role; providing clear vision, communicating the larger strategic objectives and aligning stakeholders around both.

Skilled coaching is a powerful tool to help leaders become more aware of ineffective and outdated identities and behaviors which, over time,  become unconscious habits. Acting as an insightful thought partner, professional coaches help our clients get from “here” to “there” faster and with less stumbling!  If a coach isn’t possible for you now, please click here for a free ‘Winning Strategy Worksheet’ that helps you create a new winning strategy so you flourish, no matter what change you’re navigating.

Blog written by Karen Howells, Managing Partner of The Howells Group, Inc.

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