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May You Flourish


What are you asking yourself as a fresh new year is about to make an appearance? What hopes, resolutions or aspirations are tucked deep in your heart that long to see the light of day?

Mine are summed up in 1 heartfelt question; “how can I flourish in 2015 and help others do the same?” Flourish is a word that resonates for me in both my personal and work life. It’s a word that connotes growth, beauty and expansiveness. In the Hebrew language, much richer and move evocative than English – it means “to bloom, blossom, spread or grow – to break forth, break out and spring up”. Who doesn’t want their life to look like this?!

As I welcome this precious gift of another year, even in the heartbreak of supporting our son in the midst of hospice due to his Cystic Fibrosis, we’ll be reflecting on 2014 and embracing 2015 with a commitment to flourish. Join us in that quest with this gift of some questions to ask yourself and a partner or spouse to ring in a meaningful new year.

Flourishing in the New Year Worksheet

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