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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Walking the Tightrope

  When teaching leaders about the need to become highly effective influencers, somebody inevitably asks me the following question:  “When does influence become manipulation”? It’s a fair and important question, because influence can easily lapse into manipulation, and any of us can quickly fall off that “tightrope” as we walk the fine line between the two. Let’s look at definitions…   read more »

Join me October 2nd for a great cause!

I’m truly excited to extend a personal invitation to have you join me in becoming part of Women Who Lead for Women in Need.  Our passion is to make a significant difference in the lives of homeless women and their children! Homelessness for women and children is a critical issue in our Portland Metropolitan area. Homelessness among women, who are often mothers, has risen 22%…   read more »