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Three Practices to Fight the “Scarcity” Mindset



Even though we live in the richest country in the world, having a ” scarcity mindset” is common. The root of scarcity is not facts –  it’s fear ; fear of “not having enough”,fear of  not being in control and of things we can’t control, fear of being needy and even a fear of having to rely on others. Even though most of us are in the top 1%  of the world’s wealthiest people on the globe if you own a car and a home, the constant barrage of mass marketing convinces us that ” we don’t have enough”.  Even  having an indoor toilet makes you rich compared to millions of people living in India who must relieve themselves outside, suffering indignity and vulnerability to attack (especially if you’re female).

I’ve found three regular practices help me fight the “scarcity mindset” and it’s twin sister – fear.

1.  Gratitude. Making an effort to live in a grateful mindset pulls me out of fear and worry. Try starting your day with a powerful list – “the ten things I’m thankful for are”. It’s amazing what it does for your outlook and even your blood pressure!

2.  Generosity. Practicing gratitude more regularly for all that I have quickly leads to generosity.  The desire to share with others the abundance of all you’ve been blessed with is a natural consequence; a heart of gratitude shifts to see other’s needs all around us.

3.  Prayer. Taking time regularly to “be still” goes against my action oriented, extroverted nature; but the benefits are rich. Connecting with God almost always puts things in perspective, often revealing how many of my “problems” are truly “first world problems”! Whether I write out my prayers, speak them or better yet – just place myself in a listening posture – fear is replaced with truth and greed ( we all have it to some degree) with gratitude.

So – If you’ve been stuck in “scarcity mode ” lately, click on this video  to listen to the voices and see the faces of homeless men and women.  You’ll clearly hear their gratitude for receiving help in the midst of devastating circumstances. I guarantee after watching you’ll find yourself both grateful for all the good gifts in your life; and your heart will be moved to be generous in response.


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