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Career Accelerator #2 Making a Map



In my last post I shared the crucial need for each of us to have our own personal compass to navigate the terrain of a career transitions. Our personal values and strengths form a reliable compass which helps us to make the trek successfully. But finding your ideal career fit also requires an updated “map” that defines the terrain. Today’s Google powered maps can be instantly pulled up via the Internet to direct us. It’s amazing to me the freedom in an automatically updated map that’s pretty darn accurate, plus a voice telling me exactly when to turn! Your career map provides a similar function when you want to arrive at a given destination without getting lost; but the difference is that YOU must do the creating and updating of this map.

Pinpointing the specific aspects of your your best career fit are crucial when making important decisions. Traditionally, we’ve been taught to pick a profession and then look for an organization that’s hiring. I I believe the better way is exactly the opposite of what we traditionally do! Creating and updating your own customized career map helps you do the hard and important work of definition upfront which guides you to a best fit not just an available job. This includes the right organizational context, culture, size and style that fits you best. Besides pinpoint the organizational context, your road map helps you clarify the best role fit for you; do you like working in teams, leading teams, more structure or less?

Get started on creating your own personalized career map with this helpful 1 page tool, Make Your Map, and two simple but clarifying Career Accelerator Worksheets. For some of you, have some direction and tools is just the help you need. For others, doing this work in a group coaching context provides needed accountability and support. Contact The Howells Group,, if you’d like to know more about our inspiring “Career Accelerator Councils”. Having support and coaching on the journey can make the difference in a safe and satisfying arrival.

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