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Monthly Archives: December 2013

A Call to Savor

Sharing my Christmas experiment I hope to extend to all of 2014…… One of my favorite communicators, Mike Roth, gave me a gift this Christmas season. It’s a gift that I’m holding onto; longing to have it shape all of my new year about to begin. Mike skillfully revealed our human tendency throughout centuries to grasp for more; more time, more money,…   read more »

Career Accelerator #2 Making a Map

In my last post I shared the crucial need for each of us to have our own personal compass to navigate the terrain of a career transitions. Our personal values and strengths form a reliable compass which helps us to make the trek successfully. But finding your ideal career fit also requires an updated “map” that defines the terrain. Today’s…   read more »

Career Accelerator #1 Create Your Compass

“Even today, remarkably few Americans are prepared to select jobs for themselves. When you ask, “Do you know what you are good at? Do you know your strengths?” Most people look at you with a blank stare. Or they often respond in terms of subject knowledge, which is fundamentally the wrong answer”. – Peter Drucker It’s easy to get disoriented…   read more »