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Introducing a new Blog Series; Navigating Your Career

Career Accelerator

“Today’s workforce is fluid, flexible, disposable. You are on your own. Workers will constantly have to sell their skills, invent new relationships with employers who must change and adapt constantly in order to survive in a ruthless global market.” – Lance Morrow

Welcome to the new reality….the reality that you and only you can navigate your career. Security is a distant memory; a mirage, actually.  But – career success, satisfaction and significance are still possible.   The world my 86 year old “Silent Generation” dad grew up in was all about security. You got your training. You were loyal. You followed the rules. You trusted that if you worked hard there would be some career track forward.  You worked your way up the ladder. Maybe not to the executive lunchroom, but at least there was some movement forward…  And unless you did something really stupid you had a job, benefits and a pension.  That world, as most of us know, is a distant memory.  Enter globalization and  the explosion of technology. The new reality requires that you own your career – that you learn to navigate the journey. A new  mindset and new skills are required to survive and thrive.

So please join us for the Career Accelerators blog series. Hit the Follow button in the bottom right hand corner so you never miss a post! We’ll explore the four keys to successfully navigating your career;

1) Create your own personal compass

2) Build a “map” that is flexible, personalized and workable

3) Develop an “elevated vision” that goes beyond just yourself for true significance and

4) Find some trustworthy traveling partners for the journey.

I can’t wait to share lessons learned from many professionals  I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the last 35 years. They have so much to share. Let us hear from you? Where are you stuck? What’s in our way? I’ll answer as many questions as I can throughout this blog series..

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