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Deconstruct to Reconstruct

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        Last Friday four muscular young guys arrived at our house and started in; it was finally time to re-roof. After years of patching and economizing we really needed to do it. So, they started in with fervor as they ripped off the 22 year old shakes and took it down to the framing and insulation. The house looked startlingly naked. Debris landed in trees and shrubs; our decks were covered with dirt, fragments and a few stray nails. It took several days of hard, physical labor for 4 men to deconstruct the old to make way for the new.With all the old stuff removed the beautiful new shakes could be cut and placed and hammered; resurfacing the entire top of the house. The new went on quite quickly once the old was completely gone. What a metaphor right before my eyes! Do I often attempt to move to a new season or new stage without making sure the “old stuff” is removed?

I realized on my walk today I’m in such a hurry to get to the new, I’m tempted to skip what is almost most important; like identifying what needs to go. Like getting out the tools of prayer, introspection and honest evaluation where I see things in my life need “resurfacing”; whether it’s habits, ideas, patterns of thinking or irrelevant dreams and goal. To have the courage to do the hard work not just examination but ripping away what’s rotted and worn so the new could come. Who knew that home remodeling could offer spiritual life lessons…?

So here’s a few questions I’m asking myself and my clients these days;

  • What old mindsets need to be deconstructed before you can create your desired state?
  •  What perspective or habit has become a rut that keeps you stuck?

How could the answers to these questions help you take a great step forward?

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