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Reawakening Your Passion for Work


Need to reawaken your passion for your work or life in general? Need a nudge to face the truth that your work or life isn’t really ‘working’?

After reading this article, no matter where you are at in life and in work, try and answer these three questions for yourself;

1.  Am I feeling trapped, “stuck” or bored in my work /life ? Have I allowed myself to be resigned that this is “just how life is”?

2.  Have I confused achieving day-to-day goals and a checked off “to do” list with truly meaningful and satisfying life and work?

3.  What personal strategy for renewal could help me dial up the “meaning quotient” in my life?

I personally  know how easy it is to go with the drift in life, instead of fully owning my “one wild and precious life”.  I’d love to hear your responses to these questions; questions I’ve been asking myself and all my clients these days!


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