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You probably have heard of the well known COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, who recently released her new book “Lean In”. Her perspective resonated powerfully with professional women; so powerfully that it was #1 in Amazon sales the first day it was released. Sandberg  urges women to stop holding themselves back at work but  to “lean in” with confidence and to challenge themselves, negotiate assertively and to get their voice in the room. But exactly does one  “lean in”?  What are the tools and changes you need and how can you find them? We have the perfect opportunity for women who are ready to propel themselves and their careers forward!

Join a select group of 24 women for 2 exciting programs that launch this fall! IGNITE, for women who are serious about accelerating their leadership to the next level, and ADVANCE for women aspiring to the VP or C-Suite level of leadership. Check out more specifics and be part of a vibrant community of women who’ll support you. Propel your confidence and career forward through this powerful leadership experience! Email or call The Howells Group at 503-246-2929 for an application to 1 of these programs of for more information. Register by July 15th to receive a special discount !

Our program draws amazing women who are serious about their professional and personal development. Check out this link which features an interview with Lakecia Gunther of Intel, a member of our 2011-12, who has since been promoted to work with the Chief Technology Officer of Intel Corp.

What women are saying about IGNITE and ADVANCE:

“I gained a valuable network of mentors from the leadership program Karen facilitated.  Karen developed a great platform for learning, sharing and coaching for all the women involved.  The most valuable insights of these types of programs for me tends to come from the participants themselves, so Karen’s skill at getting people to speak up and engage in a dynamic way really strengthens the program.  I also benefitted greatly by the one-on-one coaching from Karen which helped me to position my strengths in a new and powerful way.”           

Margaret L. – Marketing Manager, Intel Open Source Technology Center                                                                                                                                                       

“Karen’s approach of combining high quality individual coaching with impactful group sessions has had a profound effect on my career progression as well as my engagement and satisfaction with who I am and what I am accomplishing with my life.  Partnering with someone of Karen’s integrity and ability has not only facilitated this growth but makes the experience enjoyable!”

 Dr. Karen F. -VP Medicine, Banfield Pet Hospital

PDF Flyers for each program with dates: IGNITE LEADERSHIP INFO and DATES

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