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Behaviors Can Change Your Mind

Do not be wise in words alone- be wiser yet in deeds. ~Jewish Proverb

Most of us have heard, or even taught others, that our mindset impact our actions. I work with clients and leaders every day on the power of their mindset and how it impacts their non verbal behaviors. But we don’t hear as often that “actions can change our thinking”; that we can in fact “behave our way” into new ways of being and thinking.

Take a few minutes to hear Amy Cuddy’s talk at a recent TED conference about her research on this fascinating reality. A social psychologist, Amy describes her research and shares her personal story of a terrible automobile accident that left her with a severe brain injury. Her inspiring story challenges us to not “fake it till we make it” but to “fake it till you become it.”  Her research shows how to configure your brain to raise your testosterone (power) and lower your cortisol (fear) in situations, especially uncomfortable one.  

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, take a break, and spend 20 minutes with the talented and well-spoken Amy Cuddy to learn how to behave your way into greater effectiveness!

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