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Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Magic of Mentoring; A Gift that Keeps on Giving

      I love giving gifts and it’s always a challenge this time of year to exercise self control so I don’t “overbuy”! But even as much fun as it is to select, purchase and wrap a gift with a special someone in mind, I know intangible gifts are the most lasting and valuable; unlike sweaters that quickly go…   read more »

Secret to a Meaningful Season – Simplicity!

As a business owner, wife and mother I get energized by being creative. Creating beauty in food, décor and meaningful moments helps me navigate professional challenges during the week. And I’ve learned over the years that simple is better for everyone. My family and guests enjoy the occasion more if I can enjoy it more too! Rarely do you need…   read more »

Yearning for Wisdom

     What’s the most valuable trait for leaders today? Many would probably say intellect, or some might advocate for emotional intelligence; others might cite the need for a deep and wide network of contacts, educational background or pedigree. I would agree with others that courage is pretty high on the list , especially as it appears to be in…   read more »

Choosing Cheer All Year!

I finally turned the radio off yesterday. My favorite FM channel and the endlessly repeating stories of world crisis, war and corruption I could feel taking its toll. My spirit was taking a nosedive. Instead, I chose to shift to one of my favorite storyteller/singer songwriters, Carolyn Arends. Amazing how immediately improved I felt after just a few blocks. What…   read more »