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Recalibrating Your Values

Original Weaving

Original Weave – Lisa Dare

As a visual learner and processor, I take in the world, ideas, words and impressions primarily through my eyes. So when I sat down on a sunny Sunday morning and saw this original weaving above the altar at Pearl Church, I knew it was symbolic. My friend Lisa Dare’s weaving depicts ( or at least my interpretation of it ) a seed pushing through the subterranean earth – a twisting sprout struggling upward – to reach the light to grow. To reach the source of life. When we’re in the process of reinvention and transition it’s much like this weaving. It takes hard and honest work of coaxing our truest values out from under the hidden earth in our lives and up into full view so we can
embrace them.

I realized after my last post that I didn’t say enough about this necessary step of the values clarification process. Over the years, I’ve used a set of value to navigate by. In our first year of marriage, when I was just 21 and Rob, my husband was 24, we sat down and drew up our list. It was in a different format,columns listed with “to do, to have, to be”. We projected all the way out to 25 years of marriage. It seemed galaxies away… but we’re already 10 years past that 25th anniversary! But what do I value now? After many experiences and years traveled – is the deepest core of beliefs the same or different? Some values are the same for me, like anyone who goes through this reinvention process.

Creativity is one that’s been ever present. That has always had a place in all I do. I rarely do anything the same twice; I love trying new combinations and it doesn’t matter whether it’s words, a floral arrangement, ingredients in a recipe, designs for meetings or ways to approach a coaching client. Creativity makes me fully alive and makes me tick! I’m realizing that creativity takes time and space – exactly what I haven’t had in recent years. I’ve had to finangle this value within what’s felt like a very few cracks of space in the landscape of my life. Creativity has often taken a much lower place on the list and I feel the rub now. It’s time to change that. Until the last 2 years, achievement was high on my list. But life events and experience have preceded a shift that’s slowly been taking place. I have enjoyed achievement and the fruits of accomplishment. But living beyond breast cancer, a nearly fatal staph infection in 2010 and other life altering family heartaches, living wisely trumps achievement hands down now.

I am shifting to more concern about the quality of my hours and days instead of how much I can fill or fulfill in them! What does wisdom mean to me? Wisdom moves beyond information, sources much more deeply than knowledge . It’s living aligned with timeless spiritual truths combined with practical (and often hard earned) real life experience. I value the eternal quality of wisdom; and long to live from it and out of it’s deep and rich well.

“It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.”- Henry David Thoreau

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