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Finding Your Best Fit in a Coach


  •    First identify where you’d like to be at the end of the coaching process. This is one of the questions a qualified coach will likely ask in a preliminary conversation.
  •     Be clear and specific in your needs. Are you looking for career change or growth, skill development, relationship enhancement, work/life balance, or even spiritual growth? There are coaches who focus on each of these areas and some who can support several areas together.
  •     Make sure the coach you hire has experience and training. Certification is just now taking hold in the field, so that can help direct you. There are people who “pronounce themselves” coaches without any real training, so be a discerning consumer.
  •  Consider “chemistry”. It’s important that you feel comfortable and safe in sharing you true thoughts and feelings, and feels easy to communicate with your coach. This is essential for a successful process.

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  • By Small Steps to Bigger Changes « on October 14, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    […] I notice when I turn the tables and I’m the PBC (person being coached) I’m consistently struck by the value in every coaching conversation. As an extrovert “thinking out loud” with a skilled guide on the other end of the line helps me unravel my thoughts when they get jammed up insides my head –kind of like a tangled ball of yarn. Other times, having my coach act as a non judgmental but accurate mirror – reflecting back to me a continued theme I’ve not noticed … well it really does brings insight. And often, as in my last coaching session, it provides accountability. I have been talking about making pacing and scheduling changes for years –yes, that’s right – years. Sigh. And my coach reflected that back to me. It was hard to hear and it was perfect that he said it; “When will you decide to take action? What will it take to move you forward from wishing to changing?”Sometimes you need time to sort things out. Sometimes you need a plan or just a friend. And sometimes, like many of us, you need a skilled guide who is completely committed to YOUR agenda. If you have considered the idea of finding a coach to walk with you on your journey, you may not know where to start. Here’s a check list to use if you need guidance. “Finding Your Best Fit in a Coach”. […]

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