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Digging Deeper to Move Ahead

You know when you are experiencing a certain something and everywhere you look you see it? Whether you’re looking to buy a red car, find a new job, or you’re having a baby- everywhere you look you see it happening! It’s because, of course, we all see life through the lens of whatever we’re experiencing.

Everywhere I look I see transition and reinvention. Last night, at the VOICE Leadership Forum 2012-2013 launch at the Westin in Portland, every woman in the program and every faculty member spoke about some version of transition in their lives. Even the weather spoke it loudly yesterday. After seemingly unending weeks of gorgeous Oregon sun (no, that’s not an oxymoron) gray clouds and sprinkles swept in and the temperature dropped.

I’ve often said “life is just one transition after the other”. Once again, this quote is reflected in my own life. In the last two weeks our only daughter was married (a most joyous transition!), fall term began for my Master’s program, our son started a new chapter in life, we’re empty nesters (again) and I’m feeling that unmistakable  urgency to reinvent life as I’ve known it. Even now, as I write my first blog post, I’m reinventing how I interact with myself and the world I live in.
How do you know when you’re in transition; when it’s time to reinvent? There are telltale signs, no matter what the changes. Usually, there is dissonance. A sense that what once worked now doesn’t. Even so called “success”; you start to feel rumblings that the job, lifestyle, or schedule you’re keeping that just isn’t fitting. There can be depression; a sadness about how things are. A deep desire for things to be different but not knowing how to make a change; what steps to take, where to start to shift your world. And usually there is a sense of not being able to see exactly what’s next, but having that inner knowing that something beneath you – in you – is most certainly shifting.

How do I move through this transition? How do I truly reinvent myself? I’m starting where I’ve coached my clients to start. First, a clear eyed honest look at what I value. Clarifying our deepest values provides a crucial compass in the wilderness of transition.  Certain things haven’t changed but I know some things have. Definition and “naming it” is crucial. What is the same and what has shifted for me? Deepening my connection to God and loving my family continues to be a cherished value. More than ever, actually. But how I do that needs to change. Making a meaningful contribution in the work I do is absolutely crucial to me. I’ve been blessed to do that in my business going on 25 years now as a consultant, coach, facilitator and communicator. But that is changing too. The biggest shift in the landscape of my life is time and pacing. I need to explore and allow space in my life. For years it’s been like an over packed suitcase – ready to burst. It is past time for me to understand what’s beneath this; and then explore how to truly shift…  How can I move from a hurried life to a graceful pace; doing less to be more? Stay tuned as I share my journey, the hurdles, the wins, the puzzles and the discovery.

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