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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Small Steps to Bigger Changes

“Every change starts in a small step.”  –Ron Stolero Every week my session with my coach makes me grateful I have one; especially in this season of transition.  As part of the master’s degree in leadership and coaching I’m pursuing, it was strongly encouraged and it’s required to get my ICF certification (International Coaching Federation), which is also part of…   read more »

Finding Your Best Fit in a Coach

     First identify where you’d like to be at the end of the coaching process. This is one of the questions a qualified coach will likely ask in a preliminary conversation.     Be clear and specific in your needs. Are you looking for career change or growth, skill development, relationship enhancement, work/life balance, or even spiritual growth? There…   read more »

Recalibrating Your Values

As a visual learner and processor, I take in the world, ideas, words and impressions primarily through my eyes. So when I sat down on a sunny Sunday morning and saw this original weaving above the altar at Pearl Church, I knew it was symbolic. My friend Lisa Dare’s weaving depicts ( or at least my interpretation of it )…   read more »

Digging Deeper to Move Ahead

You know when you are experiencing a certain something and everywhere you look you see it? Whether you’re looking to buy a red car, find a new job, or you’re having a baby- everywhere you look you see it happening! It’s because, of course, we all see life through the lens of whatever we’re experiencing. Everywhere I look I see…   read more »

Values Module

Use the Values Module below to connect with and articulate your values, providing you with a stronger foundation and increased authenticity to create your life’s next chapter.